Artist Statement

Artist Statement – Linda Anderson

I like to tell a story with my art quilts. The images I choose are like a momentary snapshot that makes one wonder “what happened just before this moment” and “what will happen next”. It is the combination of high drama and gentle delicacy I try to create using raw edge machine appliqué.

Cottons are ideal for my work, as I usually hand paint washes of color to create areas of value change for the specific need. I love the process of drawing—the use of line, shapes, movement, detail and texture. I plan my quilts completely by creating a full drawing of my vision, and then I enlarge it to the desired finished size to use as a pattern. Using multiple layers of batting in different areas adds additional depth. Colored pencils are also used for subtle transitions within fabric shapes.

Life is full of contradictions and juxtapositions, whether socially, politically, psychologically, emotionally or within nature. I like to find that snapshot moment that highlights that duality.

Here’s a list of associations I belong to.