I was lucky to have parents who supported my talent in art. I will always remember them letting me paint a mural on my bedroom wall as a teen. I used the brightest colors I could find. Color and pattern and images have always caught my eye, wherever I was. And if the space was blank, I filled it with something colorful.

Teaching others, whether children or adults, has also been a big part of my life. After earning a BFA and a MFA at Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles, I taught art for 6 years. Simultaneously, I was intrigued by personal growth and discovery, and earned a MA in Counseling from Azusa Pacific University, earned a MFT license and worked as a counselor for a few years. Then the arts came into my life again and I worked as a national training director for an art and decorating company for 6 years, teaching lots of women who wanted to make a career change into the visual arts. Always teaching, teaching, teaching.

Motherhood was my next adventure, one of the most demanding and most rewarding learning experiences to date. And this is being the ultimate teacher.

My family had the once in a lifetime opportunity to go sailing, so we sold everything and took off from California, ending up in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. It was there I used my skills in counseling to become the International School elementary guidance counselor. During that time I also became a parent trainer and helped hundreds and hundreds of families. Knowing I have made a positive difference in another country has been the most humbling and gratifying life experience possible. Others are now continuing that work with families.

After being an expat for 10 years, we returned to the US in 2009. I saw art quilts for the first time, and I instantly knew I had found my future. It is now time to return to my roots as an artist. We never know what life chapters are yet to be. I am fortunate to have the support of a great husband in this next chapter.

I hope you enjoy this visual journey with me.


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